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We've got you covered!

At Marconi Radio, we have everything you need for your electronic devices, cell phone service, remote starters and more. From new and used phones, chargers, accessories, or repair, we can assist you with all your electronic and mobile needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service, so you can trust us to take care of your devices.

Cell Phone Service

Stay connected with our reliable cell phone service. We offer a variety of plans to fit your needs and budget. From unlimited data to family plans, we have it all. Our friendly staff can help you choose the right plan and device for you.

Device Repair

Accidents happen, and when they do, Marconi Radio has got you covered. Our repair service can fix any issue with your device, from cracked screens to water damage. We use only the highest quality parts to ensure that your device is as good as new.

Data Recovery

Lost data on your phone? We're here to help. Our expert team specializes in reliable data recovery, ensuring your files and memories are safely retrieved. Your digital files and memories are in good hands.

Remote Starters & Security

Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer with our remote starters. We offer a variety of options to fit your needs, from basic starters to advanced systems with smartphone integration. Our skilled technicians can install your starter quickly and efficiently.

New & Used Devices

Looking for a new device? Marconi Radio has got you covered. We offer a wide selection of new and used phones, tablets, and laptops. Our staff can help you find the perfect device to fit your needs and budget.


Make the most of your device with our accessories. We offer a wide range of chargers, cases, and screen protectors to keep your device safe and functional. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect accessory for your device.

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